Full Circle Nutrition
Offers individual medical nutrition therapy; group nutrition,
fitness, and cooking classes; Kid fun with nutrition and science
classes; home gardening and food sustainability; speaking and
nutrition writing services; and community nutrition education
classes for small or large groups.

To hire a consultant dietitian for your patients, employees,
wellness program, or company in-service see
Partners in Health.

Host a Registered Dietitian at your next health fair or community
event. Have a quick question? Use our
Minute-Dietitian services.

    Lora Williams, MS, RD, LD
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To leave a legacy of health by professionally assisting in
client-centered learning, empowerment, prevention, and
management  through evidence-based nutrition, focusing on
individual lifestyles and environments.
To raise awareness and funds that empower an individual's ability
to achieve optimal health using sound nutrition principles from a
clinical, community, and humanitarian approach to leave a legacy
of health.

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