Group Classes
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Group Classes
Enrolling Now!
Enrolling Now!
Family Fit-n-Fun is a 10-week, evidenced-based family fitness, nutrition,
and weight loss class. Learn about basic nutrition, eating healthy on a
budget, quick healthy meals and snacks, effective weight loss tips, making
physical activity fun and sustainable, energy balance and metabolism.
Classes are 60 minutes each (30 minutes nutrition education and 30 minutes
family friendly activities) designed for fun. Classes are limited to 5 families
to maximize learning and fun.
    One parent/adult and 1 child is $100 for the 10-week series ($10/week).
    Add a child for $2/week, add a parent for $3/week

4Kidz-by-Kidz is a 45minute class designed to empower, motivate, and
educate. The class provides leadership / instructor opportunities in an adult
supervised / guided environment using a peer-to-peer teaching model.
Participants are taught basic exercise/movement concepts and given
opportunities to lead the group in an exercise/movement routine. Classes
are designed for children ages 8 to 12 and 13 to 16. Classes are limited to 10
    $10 per class or 10 classes for $50

Kidz Can Cook! Learn healthy, cooking principles in a kids safe
environment. Little ones become your favorite sous chef! They learn
how to make recipes, create recipes, plan menus, and shop!
    $15 per class, food provided

Fun with Food Science Plug your radio into a potato, orange, or other
food instead of a battery! Make a musical or computer keyboard from
egg plants, kiwis, bananas, or Pizza!! Make your own homemade
cheese! Learn about physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry,
and more... the fun way--playing with your food!
    $20 to $75 depending on the class. All equipment / kits
    provided for science experiments. All kits and projects are
    included in the class fee and belong to the child. :)

Seasoned Sneakers is a 60 minute class designed for the 60+ crowd in
mind. Age is NOTHING but a number. You can be fit at any age!!
    $10 per class

Begining Beginners is a class for any age group who wants to begin
gently and build up to the next level. Can't do a push up? Sit ups
challenging? No problem! This is the class for you!
You will feel among friends in this class! Get fitter and stronger and still be
able to move the next day!
    $10 per class