Weight Management
          We Will Pay You to Lose Weight!!

NO, this is not a scam, there are no tricks. Following the mission and vision for my
company, I want to leave a legacy of health through nutrition. I want to make a
difference in the lives of my community.

Here is how it works:
  1. Determine how much weight you want to lose.
  2. Decide if you want individual consults or want to attend a group class.
  3. If Individual, determine the time and day you can consistently come, without fail.
  • Appointments can be rescheduled with prior notice of at least 48 business hours,
    otherwise, prepaid visits can not be made up.
  • Pay for your individual consults prior to the first appointment, in increments of 5
    visits, minimum. This causes you to be invested into your goal and assists in your
  1. If you choose to attend a group, choose a 10 week group weight loss class that works for
    your schedule (click here for available classes)
  • There must be at least 8 people registered in the class for the class to run--invite
    friends! If there aren't enough people, you will be called and asked to select a
    different class date / time.
  • Group classes must be paid in advance in increments of 10, minimum.
  • Missed classes can not be made up--no exceptions made*. This assists in your
    success. When this goal is important enough, you will make time. *In extreme
    situations, talk with the dietitian on a case by case basis.
  • No reimbursement is offered for classes if you can't make it. Choose the class that
    works best for your schedule.
  1. Determine your Goal Weight Date Range with the RD or staff
  2. Pay for your classes: $8 per week times how many weeks you need-minimum 10 weeks
    (All classes are paid in advance. Payment is due no later than 24 hours prior to class
  3. Attend classes. Do the work.
  4. If you reach your goal weight with in your date range, I will PAY YOU 40% of what you
    paid me for the individual consults or group classes!! No, I'm not kidding. (you are going
    to need money for a new outfit!! :)
  • You can redeem this option only once, so choose your goal weight wisely.
  • This is not a fad diet.
  • There are no pills or hormones!!
  • This is Evidence-Based Medical Nutrition Therapy Guidelines for weight loss and long
    term maintenance.
  • It is that simple

Click here to learn what to expect from a consult.

Group weight loss programs DO NOT focus on one specific person's issues.

Join our
Family Fit and Fun Program so you and your family can learn about nutrition
principles, energy balance, metabolism, and activities in a fun environment. One
parent/adult and 1 child is $10/week. Add a child for $2, add a parent for $3
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