Patient Knowledge of Nutrition Care
After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Lora Williams, MS, RD, LD. All rights reserved. 2010
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Research Questions
1. What do gastric bypass patients know about nutrition care after
surgery to maintain health and weight loss?

2. What do gastric bypass patients know about the long term
outcomes of the surgery?

3. Is there a difference in mean knowledge scores when compared
with (a) education level, (b) time since surgery, (c) degree of
malnutrition, (d) weight lost, and (e) nutrition education received?
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    Lora Williams, MS, RD, LD
At the completion of the study period, 529 participants began the
survey, and 421 participants completed the survey (n = 421), a
completed response rate of 79.6%. Demographic data covered age,
gender, ethnicity, and education level. The mean age of
participants was 44 years old, the median age was 43, and the
standard deviation was 9. The lowest reported age was 19 years
old and the highest reported age was 67. The demographic data
are listed in
Table 1.
Description of the Sample